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Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education Course (also known as TLASE)

The TLSAE Course, or TLSAE, is required by the State of Florida of any person wishing to receive a driver's license. Two different course options are available to you: a 4-hour classroom course, or a 4-hour Internet course. Both are professionally designed, interesting, and easy to complete.Subjects include: all major Florida driving laws, rules of the road, the effects of driving under the influence, defensive driving, driver awareness, and numerous techniques for avoiding accidents in the first place.

Our Internet course has a wonderful assortment of informative driving related materials that will help you become a safer and more aware driver. Our curriculum is the most professional and highest quality course of its kind in the State of Florida. It's also simple, fun, and fast! Just click on the link at the bottom of the page to register.

We offer our classroom course at many dates and time, so you're sure to find one that fits your busy schedule. Simply call the phone number at the bottom of the page or click on the link to sign up. In a few short hours you'll be done and on your way!

Whichever course fits your personal needs, you'll feel safer on the road knowing that you took a course through one of the oldest, largest, and most respected traffic educators in America. We've had over 2 million students graduate our traffic safety programs in the past 30 years! And if you need assistance, we're here to help with the best customer service and support in the industry. Both courses are fun and easy, and either option costs just $25! So relax, you'll be on the road in no time!

To register, simply call the toll-free telephone number below or click the link to register online. Nothing could be easier!

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